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Desert Eagle by cheslah

Composition works, you've hit the rule of thirds well and used the shape of the gun to direct eye flow. I like the setting of the gun being laid on top of military camouflage. Unfortunately, it lacks anything truly deep and meaningful in and of itself. The blurb in your description gave it most of the meaning; this is just a picture of a nice handgun. I feel like you've cropped at an awkward place. If you had cropped in further, and I mean way further like macro photography, you would have had a very interesting photograph; it would have been less obvious as to what the object was, and people would have given it more time for thought. On the other hand, you could cropped out wider and, with the addition of some more props, told an interesting story. For example, is a soldier packing his/her things to get ready to be deployed? What kind of small mementos is this person packing to remind him/her of home? Just some thoughts to give a little more impact to the artwork here.
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